Content Creation For BlackDot

Who is BlackDot?

In their own words, BlackDot is a one-stop digital concierge and creative digital marketing agency. Founded in 2005, BackDot is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, mainly serving businesses in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

They aim to help businesses succeed and grow their online reach through an effective and modern digital presence. BlacDot’s services go beyond simply building websites, spanning design, development, digital marketing, and online business optimization.

What obstacles did BlackDot face?

First of all, BlackDot wanted to promote its brand as a thought leader and authority among creative digital marketing agencies. Secondly, they wanted to leverage content marketing to promote their blog and services online, particularly to potential clients in their home turf of Toronto and the GTA.

Many of BlackDot’s clients also require high-quality content to complement their new digital presence. However, content creation is not one of BlackDot’s core functions, and we are happy to be of service.

How did Premier Prose help?

As befits the nature of BlackDot’s work, we created written content that portrays varying levels of technical expertise. From a concise history of the internet to web design and development best practices to the intricacies of animation in web design, we did it all.

We also helped to spruce up and optimize the entire site text to match the professionalism and quality of BlackDot’s services. All written content was SEO optimized and localized for the GTA area – where necessary.

We also work with BlackDot to produce effective, on-brand web copy for their clients.

Here’s what the BlackDot had to say about our work

“Premier Prose are excellent writers, the blogs and Copy for the website were fantastic. They are always professional, delivering high-quality written content and support on schedule and on budget.”

Some of the services we provided:

  • Article writing
  • Website refresh
  • Page content optimisation
  • Page content localisation
  • Content for BlackDot’s clients

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The BlackDot and Premier Prose content writing project
BlackDot page content created by the Premier Prose team

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