How to simplify your writing style for online content

How to Simplify Your Writing Style – and Why You Should

Some topics need you to talk in plenty of detail, but most don't! We are all trying to reach out ...
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4 Reasons never to write web copy yourself

4 Reasons to Never Write Web Copy Yourself

Taking control of and writing online content probably seems the right thing to do. After all, who knows more about ...
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press release language do's and don'ts

Press Release Language: 5 Examples of Filler Text to Avoid

Filler text, or fluff, can kill any piece of writing. 'Fluffing up' text is the act of inserting words and ...
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Blogging for Business, why do it?

Are You Blogging for Business? Here’s Why You Should

Personal blogs have made way for social media in recent years. That's thanks to the likes of Twitter, Instagram and ...
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