4 Corporate Blog Writing Errors You Should Avoid

Corporate blog writing tips
September 14, 2022 2:11 pm Published by

Blogs have become huge marketing tools in the modern world. You’ll rarely find a business without one! Our complete guide to writing blog posts examines why this is the case.

In this shorter guide, however, we will look at what you should avoid doing when corporate blog writing. Think writing for a blog is easy? Perfection takes time – and here are a few tips you can take with you on your way.

Don’t Be Overly Familiar

One of the biggest mistakes businesses can make while blogging is appearing too desperate. Modern audiences know when a product is being sold to them. They also know when a corporate identity is trying desperately to be relevant.

That’s the key to this corporate blog writing error. Instead of striving to be relevant and using popular slang and memes, you should focus on offering genuine value. People want answers to their questions!

Don’t Hold Back on Professional Blogging

Running a business takes a lot of effort. However, only uploading one or two blogs a month, if at all, will do you serious harm. You need to set a fixed schedule and produce blog posts regularly. Readers love schedules. They want to be able to wake up on a Monday and know their favourite blog has an update. Sporadic or erratic uploads are hard to predict and always give the wrong impression.

Do your readers a favour. Write often, set a schedule, and stick to it. You’ll get repeat visits, more eyes on your content, and potential new customers.

Don’t Rely on Your Blog Alone

Ok – so you’ve written a blog post. Its SEO is perfect and out there on the web for all to see. Surely that’s it? Far from it.In the age of social media, you have to push yourself. Plug and promote your professional blogging through every channel you can. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram are hugely useful to help increase interest.

Too many businesses neglect the promotional aspect of blog writing. However, you should be ready to write engaging short-form social media posts to back them up. Encourage debate and, therefore, sharing.

Don't forget to be a professional blogger

Don’t Forget to Add Links

All corporate blog writing should make room for links. This is a huge part of search engine optimisation and will help Google understand your blog. Linking to your posts and pages, as well as outside resources, will help to build your authority.

That’s what writing a blog post is all about – building authority. Never be shy to link to relevant content, even someone else’s.

Corporate Blog Writing: Is It Easy?

While blogging may not be new; if done using precise methodology, it will be an effective tool for your business. It’s all about honing your language and message to a receptive audience. Yes, corporate blog writing may be the most precise of all; however, you can learn about use it to your advantage! Make use of our blog writing resources, and you’ll have no difficulty promoting your business online.

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