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Who is Prestige Media?

Prestige Media Ltd was founded in 1998, making them one of the Telecommunication industry’s longest-standing business publishers. Prestige Media provides unique commentary on technology’s evolving architecture thanks to 20 years of expert, behind-the-scenes insight into Telco & Connected World. They produce analyst and expert journalist-led business intelligence for leaders of transforming enterprises in the form of webinars, analyst insights, videos, and digital magazines.

What obstacles did PML face?

Prestige Media specializes in highly technical content, mainly regarding IoT-related topics. This requires a level of technical knowledge and willingness to research that goes beyond what’s necessary for most other niches.

As a publisher themselves, the authenticity and quality of any content published under Prestige Media’s banner must be beyond reproach.

Business leaders, as well as high-level telecommunications and IT experts, make up the bulk of Prestige Media’s readership. So, it’s imperative that their content comes across as authoritative, knowledgeable, and actionable in a business IT context.

All of this means that a lot of time and preparation goes into every single piece of content published by Prestige Media. As a small team of Telco insiders, Prestige Media needed help to scale their content production without compromising on the high standards that brought them where they are today.

How did Premier Prose help?

As experts and insiders in the world of business telco and connectivity, we worked under the direction of Prestige Media to craft relevant, high-value content for their readership. We took care of all the topic research and preparation, supplying Prestige Media with accurate and informative articles to be published in popular industry publications, such as IoT Now.

With our help, Prestige Media can grow its influence and audience while sticking to its core mission of keeping its finger on the pulse of the Telco & Communications industry.


Here’s what Prestige Media had to say about our work

“Dedication is an understatement! Premier Prose went and continues to go the extra mile for us. Recommendations and plaudits aside, we wish they just worked for us.”

Some of the services we provided:

  • Article writing
  • Webpage copy
  • Content brainstorming, planning, and research

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