Are You Blogging for Business? Here’s Why You Should

Blogging for Business, why do it?
September 20, 2019 1:07 pm Published by

Personal blogs have made way for social media in recent years. That’s thanks to the likes of Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn providing new, snappier ways for us to connect with people. However, the idea of blogging for business and creating blog content has never been more critical. But why?

It’s strange to think that only ten to fifteen years ago, personal blogs were hot property. You may have been using LiveJournal, Blogger or even a simple WordPress blog. Regardless, it was considered very modern indeed to let the world know how you felt online. So why have things changed? Why are businesses mainly making up the bulk of blog content in recent years?

It’s to do with connecting with your audience in the best way possible. As we all know, when you’re running a business, connections are everything.

Blog content helps you brand build

Show Who You Are

Blogging for business allows you to build your brand and your identity beyond your core values. It lets you create stories, offer opinions and even start debates. It enables you to create a character, too.

Plenty of big brands are already connecting with people this way through social media. With blog content, you have more of a chance to show your readers and customers who you are. It’s not just a great opportunity in terms of search engine optimisation.

Regular blogging will let Google know you’re actively producing content. It’s also an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as an authority on what you do. Offer advice, tips and insider thoughts. People will flock to you!

Business blog content will humanise your brand

Humanising Your Brand

One of the significant problems facing brands and businesses in recent years has been the risk of appearing too faceless. Social media and the openness of the internet have allowed people to interact and communicate with big brands and local businesses directly. It is incredible to be able to connect with the services we love!

For the consumer, it’s a golden chance to experience brilliant customer service. For the business, it’s just as good a chance to connect with and inspire customers.

Want to interact with the right people? Want to share your expertise? Blog content will work wonders for you. Blogging for business will humanise your brand. You’ll be able to create a tone and character that are loyal to what you do.

People prefer to connect with other people! They don’t want to be stuck with cold, faceless brands. Does that sound like you?

Start Blogging For Business Today!

You don’t have to be a writer to start blogging! Simply getting a few ideas down, and asking for advice from those who blog regularly, will be enough to get started. Evolving your blogging habits and style will take time. You’ll need to consider tone, approach, and the relevance of what you are posting about. These are perhaps factors we will discuss in a further blog post.

It’s essential to understand why blogging for business is so effective. You should start thinking about how you can work this to your advantage! Read our in-depth guide on how to write blog posts, Form, Content, and Style. And for further content writing insights, see our resources and blog posts.

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